Festival Passes. The festival offers the following four booking options. You are expected to book with a dance partner.  Anyone booking without a partner is placed on a waiting list. When, and if, a partner of similar experience books, you will be notified. However there is no obligation to find a suitable dance partner. The festival is committed to achieving a lead:follow balance in all events.


NOTE: Bookings are now restricted to leaders only, except for White Pass where couples are also accepted. When lead:follow ratio is balanced, bookings will reopen to followers.

Option 1. A RED pass that includes the immersion classes (Seminars), guided practica and all day and evening dance events. If you are an experienced dancer (3+ years expected) who wants the benefit of quality time with Carolina and Leonel in a class with equally committed dancers, this is for you. 

Cost: $300 per person  [Extra $50 after 12 August]

Option 2. A BLUE pass that includes Workshop 1 & 2 and all day and evening dance events. It is expected that you have at least 18 months dance experience.

Cost: $210 per person [Extra $50 after 12 August]


Option 3. Combines a RED pass with workshops, at a reduced price.

Cost: $350 per person [Extra $50 after 12 August]

Option 4. A WHITE pass that includes all day and evening dance events with live music and performance by Leo and Carolina. Recommended for all levels of dance experience, except beginners.

Cost: $150 per person [Extra $50 after 12 August]

At this stage, there is no plan to allow booking for individual day or evening milongas.


NOTE: The Piazzolla Concert is a public event ticketed by the Byron Community Centre. It is not covered by festival passes.