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[ sourced from various published biographies]. Bruno grew up in the barrio of Villa Ortuzar (Buenos Aires). His family were singers and musicians, and it was through his musician father that tango entered is life.  "First, I became a student of tango, then a milonguero, and finally a dancer and teacher, and I consider it to be of vital importance to practice and evolve each of those four facets of my dance.  As tango is such a complex and fascinating language, one always discovers something new, ....

Following study in formal dance, Rocio began her professional career at DNI Tango, where she remained for 7 years.  She has trained with leading tango teachers and performers, as well as pursuing training in contemporary dance and hip hop. Today Rocio and Bruno feature at many international festivals in the Americas, Europe and Asia. They have been described as "inspirational", "playfull" "creative" and "fun". Check out this short video explaining their tango philosophy. I particularly like the comment " a teaching and learning path where individual dance is as important as dancing as a couple".  Here is a recent example of their many performances.

In addition to teaching/mentoring and performing at the Festival, Rocio and Bruno are available for private lessons. See Program page for details.



The Mendoza Tango Quartet has quickly gained a reputation as one of Australia’s leading exponents of tango. Made up of four fiery musicians from across Australia, the group specialises in the performance of traditional and contemporary Argentinian tango music. Featuring the quintessential ferocity of the bandoneon, the Mendoza Tango Quartet - joined by the velvet voice of Solange Lipcin (Buenos Aires) and guest bandoneon/violin players- will take you on a journey through the elegant dance halls to the underground tango clubs of Buenos Aires and the ground-breaking tango nuevo of Astor Piazzolla. The musical highlight of the festival is the unmissable Piazzolla Concert!  Past performances have been acclaimed by standing ovation from the audience. It is open to the public and booked through the community centre. With the addition of friends, the quartet will morph into the Festival Orquesta Tipica for the Friday and Saturday evening milongas.

Find out more about the Mendoza Tango Quartet here.

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