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Festival Passes. The festival offers the following booking options. To achieve a lead:follow balance booking with a dance partner is expected. A limited number of places for leads only or follows only are made available. Places for follows are now full while places for leads remain.


Option 1. A WHITE pass. Cost: $225 per person.

Most popular option that includes all six day and three evening milongas, exceptional bunch of DJs, energetic live music from The Mendoza Quartet and the Festival Orquesta Tipica and thrilling performances by Bruno and Rocio. For something different, note the 'Silent' milonga or the "Deconstructed Tango' milonga. And the Chacharera workshop. All in the iconic Byron Community Centre with state-of-the-art sound system. 

Option 2. A BLUE pass. Cost: $275 per person.

Includes everything in White Pass +  Workshop 1 & 2. Recommended for dancers with 3+ years of tango experience. Limited to 30 couplpes.

Option 3. A RED pass. Cost: $375 per person.

Includes everything in White Pass + the immersion classes (Seminars) + guided practica. If you are an experienced dancer (5+ years expected) who wants the benefit of quality time in a class with equally committed dancers, this is for you. Limited to 30 couples.

Option 4.Cost: $425 per person.

Combines a RED pass with workshops, at a reduced price. Best value option. Limited to 30 couples.

Booking for individual evening milongas (couple only). 

Friday Milonga: $90 per couple Saturday Milonga: $100 per couple Sunday Milonga $80 per couple

NOTE: The Piazzolla Concert is a public event ticketed by the Byron Community Centre. It is not covered by festival passes.

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